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Originally posted by Bloodwych
It's nice to see retro in current print, but since I have my own collection of oldschool magazines buying it seems a bit pointless; price is a little steep too. Perhaps that's why flicking though the mag didn't seem special to me.

Whenever I feel like reading retro, I pick up zero issue 1. Or perhaps a little C&VG. Or The One. hmmmm, nope I'll go with Amiga Format. Or should it be CU Amiga etc etc etc.

I'm lucky enough to have a huge tower of old school mags that are the real deal when it comes to reading about nostalgia. Shame on anyone here who threw theirs away or made the fatal error of leaving them at their "parents house" for safe keeping, only for them to surprisingly disappear!!!!
My oldschool magazines were of the Intel PC platform since thats what I was using at the time (doesnt help when you looking for amiga stuff)
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