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Here you go....

Some nice animated water falls...

What I've done here...

1) lots of under the bonnet changes... enemy configuration per level is now not stored in the binary but is stored as a separate file that is loaded each round - this saves a lot of memory (eventually) as the game code is coming in at around 150Kb. I'll be able to fit the entire game on 1 disk, which is pretty incredible.

2) Managed to introduce an annoying bug due to #1 where Rygar sometimes will not revive after dying (something to do with interrupts.

3) Added loads of nice gradients on the rounds, I really love these especially as I'm taking advantage of those lovely 24 bit AGA palettes.

4) Lots of graphics fixes to do with scrolling... no more weird things coming in from left to right.

5) The vertical scene is now quite rock solid, you can die on the scene and will be respawn back to the bottom of the rope. This was very tricky to do, if you notice in the video there's a little climb up when Rygar grabs the rope.

6) Other fixes... mainly to sprites...

..... I'm getting there with the game... slowly but surely. I really need these 6 rounds perfect and bug free then I'll be comfortable doing the rest of the game. I can't give a release date yet as I have lots of holidays etc.... probably October now.

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