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Believe me...... I am the lamest guy in the whole world, am I not?

I tell you why, and you will agree...

When I got my hands on a MSX emulator, a long time ago, years after selling the true thing, I searched all the disks I could find, looking for this game (back then, early 90's, there was no net available here, except at the college/university). At that time I was pretty sure the game I was looking for was called Kaleidoscope, and I've found this game a thousand times, but when I played it, it just didn't look like the game I remembered, so I forgot it.

Then came the net, and I was still looking for the "lost game". I've downloaded hundreds of roms, played them all, played kaleidoscope again, and yet nothing triggered my mind. it just didn't look right (now I know, it is my brain is that is non-functional).

I believe I was so anxious about finding this rom that I had no patience to play a little longer...

But now, seeing the pics, I almost convinced that memory has tricked me... what a fool...

But I am glad.... I will give it another try... hope the good days are back!!!!
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