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Originally posted by Antiriad
Would love to own a Falcon, v expensive tho.

Id like to debate the whole issue of better sound and gfx than the A1200 tho Puzzle. And even the CPU wasnt that far ahead. And it had only 1MB Ram...
The sound and graphics is better than the A1200. Believe me, I own both machines.

However, there are very few games and demos that take advantage of it. But some applications do.

The graphics on the Falcon is a bit faster than the A1200. This is very noticeable in screenmodes with 256-colours. And the Falcon has true CD-quality sound (16 bit, 44KHz), unlike the A1200. And it has SCSI built in.

However, the blitter on the Falcon is not as good as on the A1200. And GEM (compared to Workbench)... well, yuck.

The CPU on the Falcon is not much faster than the one in the A1200. But the difference was quite large back in 1992.

Also, I think the Falcon came with 4MB RAM in it's default configuration.
Mine has 14MB, by the way.
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