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FAT95 word of warning...

Now unless I've set up the mountlist completely wrong - which I would assume either works or doesn't, there is a serious bug in FAT95.

For those who don't know, FAT95 is a filesystem for Amiga, compatible with Windows - and provides long filename / mixed case support. Most useful for zip disks and other magneto optical media.

I recently changed to FAT95 instead of Ami File Safe, and started doing my Work/Workbench backups to FAT95 formatted zip disks. This had the benefit of being able to pop them into my PC's IDE zip drive and copy over my whole configuration for use with WinUAE.

All was great until the time came when I needed to restore due to losing the hd contents. Smaller (about 100K or less) files were fine, but it corrupted almost every large file I had. Executables would no longer run, pictures and animations were garbled - total nightmare.

So by all means use it as a transfer method from PC to Amiga, but don't use it for critical backups
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