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WinUAE 4.2.1 beta series

WinUAE 4.2.1 beta series

Few week long fix beta series. No GUI changes, no new major features.

This thread is only for 4.2.0 final and 4.2.1 beta introduced bugs. Always test with 4.1.0/4.2.0 first! Problem exists in 4.1.0 or older: do not post in this thread.

Beta 1:

- 420b2 "Fixed AGA HAM graphics corruption.." missed one special case. Fixes Alien Breed 3D graphics corruption.
- Reset/Restart didn't clear uaegfx overlay state.
- Added uaegfx overlay statefile support.
- uaegfx statefile restore and hardware sprite mode: mouse cursor image was not restored.
- Picasso IV and uaegfx YUV422 overlay support fixed (frogger, moovid). Note that scaling is linear, real chip uses interpolation. YUV411 is still untested but I am not sure if it was ever used.
- New 128k UAE ROM stored statefile didn't restore correctly.
- Changing accelerator board options (jumpers etc) on the fly didn't do anything.
- uaedbg chip ram memory allocation fallback to normal chip ram fixed.
- Updated remaining weird instruction names in disassembler (MOVEP, MOVE USP, MOVE/AND/OR/EOR SR/CCR, memory rotate instructions)
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