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HstWB Installer v1.3.0-BETA2 is now released at with following new downloads available:

HstWB Installer with packages:
  • HstWB Installer v1.3.0-BETA2 Portable with packages
  • HstWB Installer v1.3.0-BETA2 MSI Installer with packages

HstWB Installer without packages:
  • HstWB Installer v1.3.0-BETA2 Portable without packages
  • HstWB Installer v1.3.0-BETA2 MSI Installer without packages

Pre-build self install images:
  • 4GB HstWB self install HDF image v1.3.0-BETA2
  • 8GB HstWB self install HDF image v1.3.0-BETA2
  • 16GB HstWB self install HDF image v1.3.0-BETA2

v1.3.0-BETA2 includes following changes compared to v1.3.0-BETA1:
  • Added select package filtering to filter packages to the selected Amiga OS being installed helping users to install packages for the Amiga OS versions a package support. All packages that only work for specific Amiga OS versions has been updated with Amiga OS versions.
  • Reorganised HstWB Installer setup menus and options for a more intuitive workflow. Settings are now updated based on the selected installer mode, so only settings used for a given installer mode are shown.
  • Added support for coloured menu options in HstWB Installer setup.
  • Merged Configure Workbench and Configure Amiga OS 3.9 to Configure Amiga OS for HstWB Installer setup.
  • Updated HstWB Installer setup to support Amiga OS 3.1.4.
  • Updated self install to mount Amiga OS 3.9 iso and load Amiga OS system files from it, if Amiga OS 3.9 iso is present in "AmigaOS" directory.
  • Added update packages to HstWB Installer setup for downloading new versions of packages from package urls. This is reduce the size of HstWB Installer releases and at the same time make it possible to update packages without having to download a new version of HstWB Installer with updated packages. First time HstWB Installer setup is started, it will ask if packages should be updated.
  • Updated HstWB Installer run script build WinUAE and FS-UAE configuration files for both A500 and A1200. HstWB Installer can now be run with A500 and A1200 Kickstart roms and additional Kickstart roms will be added in the future to also support A3000, A4000D and A4000T.
  • Updated hstwb image setup scripts to detect and update Kickstart roms for A500 and A1200 WinUAE and FS-UAE configuration files.
  • Updated hstwb image setup scripts to install HstWB Installer theme for FS-UAE.
  • Fixed load "Libs:Workbench.library" and "Libs:Icon.library" requesters shown when running self install with Amiga OS 3.1.4 adf files.
  • Fixed [$AmigaOsHarddriveIndex] not being replaced in FS-UAE configuration files, when running hstwb image setup scripts.
  • Added support for Amiga Forever 8 Kickstart roms as they have changed compared to previous Amiga Forever versions.

HstWB Installer now comes with or without packages and has options to download/update all packages. This is mainly exclude changes to packages from HstWB Installer releases and to reduce the size of releases published on github.

I have also added more build-in help options to assist when running self install images.

For the packages, BestWB package has been updated to include the recent v1.1 update. EAB WHDLoad Menu packages has been updated with screenshots and details to support Retroplay's WHDLoad packs downloaded 26th February 2019.

To finalize v1.3.0 I will focus on getting ClassicWB packages updated to support Amiga OS 3.1.4 with updated supplied by github user uigiflip.

Have fun with the release and please report any issues
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