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Originally posted by Toni Wilen
Click "add harddrive"-button, close WinUAE and attach part of winuaebootlog.txt that shows harddisk information. ("opening device 'blahblah'" etc..) Either WinUAE doesn't detect your drive or WinUAE's RDB detection ignores the drive for some reason.
Strange, the zip drive seems to be detected : here is an extract of winuaebootlog.txt
opening device '\\?\scsi#disk&ven_iomega&prod_zip_100&rev_e.08#4&213c3386&0&050#{53f56307-b6bf-11d0-94f2-00a0c91efb8b}'
device id string: 'IOMEGA   ZIP 100          E.08'
device size 98703360 bytes
1 MBR partitions found
0: num: 1 type: 04 offset: 0 size: 100663296, type not 0x76
non-empty MBR partition table detected, doing RDB check anyway
hd ignored, not empty and no RDB detected
(before this part was the check for my two ide harddrives)

May it be possible that the problem would simply be that my zip-disk is corrupted ?

I use the latest version of WinUAE.

-- EDIT --

Originally posted by Thomas
I just remembered there was a discussion about reading Amiga formatted ZIP disks on a long while ago which resulted in this workshop:

Perhaps it helps. At least it is a proof that it does actually work for someone.
Thanks for the link, it seems to work. I'm currently copying files from the img generated by WinImage (in fact, despite the error, the image is created) to a hdf file.

Will take a while to finish to copy the files and see if they are correct but I think this time it will work.

That doesn't explain why/how to mount a zip disk with WinUAE, but at least, I'll have my data back.

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