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Well, I've tried to use that guide to detect the unit number of the zip drive (it wasn't the guide I used for OS3.9, I was confused by the name) and... I can't find the zip drive in WinUAE's log. I see my dvd drive, my cd burner and a virtual cd-rom drive that's been added by some software, but no zip...

Is it possible that WinUAE is unable to see my scsi devices because of my scsi controler card (incompatibility with some of them) ?

-- EDIT --

Just tried WinImage 6.10 and I don't understand how to use it to create an image of my zip disk. Could someone explain me step-by-step ?

I've also tried to use the "add harddisk" button of winuae but the zip drive/disk is not in the list.

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