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Originally posted by thomas
uaescsi.device ist the correct choice. This document describes how to determine the unit number: (replace "cd-rom" by "zip" ).
I'll take a look at this. I have used this guide to install OS3.9 but I didn't think that the uaescsi.device was the correct device (how does WinUAE handles unit numbers for e.g. unit 1 on the ide controler and unit 1 on a scsi chain at the same time ? I'll see that. One small detail is nagging me, though : I have tried to set the zip disk letter as a harddisk (in the same way than to mount the cdrom in the guide) but WinUAE doesn't want it...

I'll try again, though.

If this does not work, you can make a backup of the ZIP disk using WinImage and use that as a HDF.

You mean that this WinImage proggy is able to read the content of an Amiga-formated zip disk ? Where can I find it ?
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