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Happy Some good news, everyone!

I am finally able to transfer my own Amiga disks collection! Hurrah!

I bought a floppy drive on Tuesday, and eventually got it fitted in. The reason for this is I am using DISK2FDI to do my transferring.

However, I appear to have a problem with some disks in particular. They look like they transfer perfectly, but upon close examination (i.e. copying the files to hard-disk, reading the startup-sequence), I have noticed several errors on some of the disks. For example, my Populous 2 disk runs perfectly, but when you try to copy the files to HD, you discover that the ADF is peppered to the brim with checksum errors on the majority of the files! And I doubt it could be my disk, it has known to be quite perfect before. Is it something to do with DISK2FDI being faulty in some aspects? Should I keep trying to transfer the disk till I get a good image?

Also, some games upon loading either crash or do other things. My Baby Jo original was known to run perfectly on my real Amiga, but when I try to start the game on the main menu, it immediately returns to the title screen after a split second!

Also, some disks have some kind of protection code. My Amiga Action coverdisk of Blues Brothers (remember in '95, they gave the full game away in their April issue), asks me to phone up Comic Relief to receive an activation code. And my originals of Captain Dynamo and Quest Of Agravain also ask for activation codes, but you only get that if you're playing from a copy of the game, and they must think that my ADFs are copies. And finally,I have a couple of coverdisks (Amiga Action and AUI) that have a competition thing on them in which you are asked some questions and you're meant to get them right in order to receive a code/a congratulations/whatever. Maybe I can get a code-cracking expert (*hint* *hint* Codetapper *hint* *hint*) to try and crack these code/question-asking disks... Do you think so?

Finally, I have some disks which simply do not work in emulation at all, or at least have crashes/other problems during the game. Damn.

Oh well, at least some disks came out perfectly in all aspects. I shall post these ones of the ADF Zone for you, then, to start off.

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