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I had a couple of spare hours tonight to work out some final bugs.
  • Dragons now die at the end of the level and when the Orange Kill All emblem is collected.
  • I added like a hit count on the Dragons... so they may take 1 or 2 direct hits to kill them.
  • Fixed the total bonus that was causing the game to stay at the sanctuary scene for a long period of time.
  • I think I fixed a few bugs when the sanctuary scene initiates.
  • Probably fixed the Griffins disappearing on Round 3
  • Thanks to @Ross for helping get the max chip memory with his special boot block (I've said it before - he's a genius).
  • Still loads more to fix... particularly if you jump on air enemies.

This is the final version I'll be releasing before the deadline tonight, my wife has gone out and got me some Peroni to supp tonight and I'm going to watch some Amiga streams or something.

The game has been a blast to develop, I've loved every minute of it. At times it has been tough to keep motivated but this thread has helped massively, whenever I lost some motivation I went back in the threads and read the messages of support from all of you guys.

I will continue to work on the game at a slightly slower pace, I've said before but I don't like programming in the summer months...(I gotta get Vitamin D from somewhere) but I'll endeavor to finish the game in the next few months before the whole summer kicks in, like most of you I have wife/kids/full time job to prioritise on.

I'll list the known bugs I have in the game that I know about, if people want to add to them then feel free...but please understand that I know Rygar very well...I know all the little quirks it has so if something is missing then it's because I haven't added it to the game yet.

No video this time... just the ADF. Please do not forget you need a two button pad for the game and it has intentionally been made hard with faster and more enemies than the arcade as there is only currently 4 levels to play, so therefore the challenge of the game is to get to the 5th level with the highest score with your 3 lives.

Good luck to everyone in the competition and a special thanks to DamienD who has effectively ran the compo from start to finish.

and for the coders among you, the source code...

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