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So here we are.... two days to go and I'm shit out of time with loads of bugs still in Rygar. Frustratingly I can't seem to get the game to run properly on my real hardware so I'm wondering if I have a hardware fault somewhere, if someone wants to try it out then feel free... sometimes it works on my real stock amiga and sometimes not.

Here's a YT video...

[ Show youtube player ]

Here's a video from OBS

And here's an ADF for you to try.

Just a quick note on what/who Siesmic Minds is... basically that is me (mcgeezer) and anyone mad enough to work with me on a project... I've setup the default website and stuff and my plan is after Rygar to do some game coding tutorials/videos and publish them there.

If I don't post another update before the 28th (because of work commitments)... then this will go ahead as the entry to the compo.

I've made the game insanely hard... but not impossible, if you get to round 4 without it crashing then you're doing much better than me.

Good luck to all.

Signing Off.

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