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Originally posted by spoUP
Akira, Whats needed? RAW talent and style.
Send me some stuff. spotATtriadDOTnu.
What kind of music do you make? What formats?
Hmm.. everything counts, send me gfx/sfx/links.
Hmm I'll select some stuff, up it at kiken and send it your way. For starters, the unifnished website is

I'll up some more stuff there later. The kind of music flows between Autechre and Chemical Brothers meets Ed of Wrath Designs? Formats: Amiga (ML, AHX) / C64 / PC / Mac / Gameboy
And I'm trying to get onto Speccy.

GFX pixellin' on A1200, vektorin on mac/pc

aaaaanyway, will email you later.
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