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Originally Posted by bloodline View Post
We have been in communication about this
Indeed, and during the discussion it turned out we have few different ideas. The question is, which would you all prefer

Matt's idea is to use M68K JIT running on bare metal ARM and emulating parts of the Amiga chipset. One could run AmigaOS on top of it and eventually replace parts of it (or maybe whole AmigaOS later on) with AROS.

On the other hand, I have nearly complete m68k JIT designed explicitly for ARM, where every m68k instruction is translated to (statistically) 2 ARM instructions, only, giving a hope for really good performance. First tests with synthetic as well as real world benchmarks oscillate around 630 MIPS on RasPi 3b+. Now, my approach would be, to run the m68k JIT directly on RasPi (bare metal, no other operating system above us!). Then, instead of emulating chipset and running AmigaOS on top of it, we could run m68k AROS with all the drivers needed for RasPi. That would be something like Amithlon, but for ARM, without Linux and with all drivers provided directly by AROS.

Of course I will also integrate my JIT in ARM-BE version of AROS, no doubt. The m68k AROS on RasPi is just a nice idea to toy with.

What do you think?
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