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Originally posted by ant512
Ingredients for a new Amiga:

1 off-the-shelf PPC motherboard;
1 out-of-date OS programmed by a firm which has previously released nothing but ports of other companies' open-source software;
1 hardware lock-in to prevent the OS running on other motherboards;
1 sticky Amiga label

Mix all of the ingredients, add a few lawsuits and an incompetent parent company, and bingo! one overpriced computer to sell to people who should really know better.
Hmmm, ok...

1. Erm, nope, maybe for the first 20 or so, but the board is a custom job, and if you were refering to the Teron boards, it's an awful lot cheaper.

2. It's difficult to judge 'out of date' with computers, PC's are 'out of date' when you buy them, windows started 10 years behind (I won't mention the mac as I don't want Akira stamping on my head ), but if by 'out of date' you mean small, fast & unbloated, then yes it is

I've recently heard it requires about the same amount of memory as OS3.9, beat that windows

You can't really call it out of date until it's released

3. Yep, you'll have to wait for OS5 or buy one of the A1 models

4. Bugger, I didn't get a sticker with my AmigaOne

For those of you with less funds a 'MicroA1' is being planned for release next year as the 'A1200 replacement'. Basicaly an ITX Mobo with onboard sound (AC97) and graphics (Radeon), usb, firewire, ethernet, G3 or G4 CPU and all the normal other stuff...

@ Retroman

It runs native one A1's too, has done for a couple of months...
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