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Originally posted by ant512
Ingredients for a new Amiga:

1 off-the-shelf PPC motherboard;
1 out-of-date OS programmed by a firm which has previously released nothing but ports of other companies' open-source software;
First of all, your description of Hyperion's track record is not correct. No offense, but do your homework.

Secondly, as you've never tried the OS, how can you say it is outdated?

1 hardware lock-in to prevent the OS running on other motherboards;
1 sticky Amiga label

Mix all of the ingredients, add a few lawsuits and an incompetent parent company, and bingo! one overpriced computer to sell to people who should really know better. [/B]
I find it very strange that you can dismiss the AmigaOne before we actually know what it's going to be like when it's running OS4. Perhaps you can also tell me what the next winning lottery numbers will be?
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