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This should be the final final update, there were a couple of minor issues I had to deal with. OCS update probably isn't worth redownloading if you have 1.3b already, but the AGA edition has some more important fixes.

1) Minor fix for displaying crash error messages
2) AGA version - mirror version of 2010 level was corrupt
3) AGA version - 256 Color title screen

OCS HDD 1.3c!s6AWjSrI!dl1T16ws8...JMgE_i5K6v99mY

AGA HDD 1.3c!9yR1gSgQ!33t7S5R8G...nJG0ITZ5N1eI0w

OCS and CD32 ISO 1.3c (2x speed CD drive)!AvJ3xAAJ!NHkOSa5pa...t3kBzCZa9hKvew

AGA ISO 1.3c (4x speed CD drive)!AyIxDQhT!bNhoVpWxQ...g8z0t_xm6dg3IY
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