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Betcha can't find this one :)

If I might poke my nose in for a mo...

I worked (if you can call it that) for a company called Applied Systems Group, at the Elsham Wold Industrial Estate, near Scunthorpe in North Lincolnshire, UK.

This company specialised in all things Amiga, and produced a few bits of their own hardware too. The one I was most involved in was a thing called the minigen - a silver plasticy Genlock device. But anyway, the reason for this post...

We were asked to develop a laptop Amiga. And we did. The specs were quite impressive - Stock A1200, HDD, Floppy, Trackball, 640x512 LCD display, Fullsize keyboard and (I think) a RAM/Accelerator expansion too.

It was huge, and it was heavy (as you can expect). The case was made of wood - the one I played with had a Black-Ash finish (our slogan for it at the time was "I can't believe it's not an MFI cabinet").

ISTR that at least one of the three made had a rosewood case too.

The one that I ws involved in (I wrote Demo software that publicised its' existence) ended up in Yorkshire with a guy who sold carpets, and should still be around today. We sold them for £3,500 a shot, as they were custom made.

The only thing it could not do was most games - the display refused to run 320x256 screens properly. For WB/CLI work, it was fantastic, and there was *no* Amiga like it at the time, to the best of our knowledge.

That's all I can say about that project - I've looked and can find no reference to the machine online :-( I'd especially love to see the software I wrote, if anyone has a copy of the disk we sent out...

Sorry for the rambling :-)

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