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I've now managed to get the menu up and running and have been creating pictures for each game and the corresponding *.start and *.txt files for each game.

I ended up using photoshop for the picture files, resizing to 320 x 128, using only 256 colours and making sure they use the same palette as the background, all is going well.

I'm just wondering about whdload and it's quitkey function. If I boot my amiga, load the menu, load a game and then hit the quitkey is it going to quit back to the menu or straight back to the cli?

If it is the cli, can I edit the whdload prefs file to reload the menu again in any way?

Cheers for the help on the images by the way, took me a while to figure out photoshops way of doing it but it's quicker than running dpaint through winuae (for me at least)
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