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Thanks mate

Well, it's done - only change is there's no zooming. I'll canonise 1.3B as the official version pending any final final changes.

Time Gal 1.3B AGA HDD!dzwzSYIZ!pLPvEgaN-...I-vR1MpPO2UdpQ

Time Gal 1.3B AGA ISO (Not for CD32, only for 4X drives)!46wT1AaS!mkNy0EOVx...m2s_Fl4-SluIJI

Time Gal 1.3B OCS HDD!Qn5hSCBa!N9ojofimA...SInYvLdVkxSlek

Time Gal 1.3B OCS CD32 ISO!NrxzyQCS!suGttxMfx...ir60US1iRh3XW0
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