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Alright, I think we're good. If there's no breaking issues, this is likely to be the final Time Gal update. I'll wait a little bit before replacing the links on the site.

1.3 AGA ISO (4X CD-Drive required, not compatible with CD32)!A2ASgahI!bAE1CyD6y...ZAUjYNzi-vx9eM

1.3 AGA HDD!5nZ1CAhL!_BF0F35eL...fEXs52Gse9ZN_U

1.3 OCS and CD32 ISO!EqJAhAyT!ZtF0rvR10...IPAEFSiaU-S8L4

1.3 OCS HDD!xzQWgIAI!FXai66ic-...tO5FAqUPg9jpFk

Road Avenger AGA has a minor bug (death scenes don't play in 'watch all scenes' mode) and also has artifacting issues. I could take a look at that at some point.

Edit: And, thanks for the kind words guys
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