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Exclamation sadly akira is confusing me with the original Creator of Suzzanne!

earlier this year I entered into a thread over why I loved the A600 , its because I built my own portable version which I used for work after copying the original " Suzanne " idea after reading about it .......Now as I said it was stolen out of my car at a clinic I was then working at some one mistaking it for a real PC laptop { more likely by its size thought I had a brief case full of other goodies !} the insurance company refused to accept my claim at the time because their computor experts didn,t believe such a machine could or had ever existed.........The article then set me reminising these facts and over the course of the weekend I bought one of my KIDS { Now grown up adults !} A600,s with 1 meg expansion that was up in the attic.........I since then have resourced the componenets needed for the build of an improved " bolt on version" using new existing componenets rather than cobbling together an electronic experimetrs kit . The biggest improvements since the original suzzanne is in battery technology and lower cost LCD screens the hardest a compatable mouse /track pad....this is all thats holding me up from starting the project which I,m due to complete { as I have the other components ! } early in the new year! If someone else is further down the line I,m more than happy to exchange ideas and directions . Hear from you soon Woodshed57

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