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I've prepared version 1.2 for release - I haven't extensively tested them yet but I'd appreciate any bug reports before publishing to the Reimagine site.

The OCS versions have one bug fix (prevent keyboard/mouse interacting with the background) and one new feature (Watch All Scenes mode). AGA versions have both of those plus higher quality HAM8 animations. Like with Road Avenger, there are four options:

OCS HDD Version 1.2!Nzp2CS6Z!tA3-Gne_c...k_39U5Jc9aBo7E

OCS-CD32 Disc Version 1.2 (requires 2X Speed CD Drive)!syp2CYDS!fz7fzON5Q...dhcQfDc2kJX7sY

AGA HDD Version 1.2!wrg2WCCY!7nX_dkVLT...YKZm04EsWyRqpY

AGA Disc Version 1.2 (requires 4x speed CD Drive)!Jn4iUQCa!sehZuPCfg...PM2W-q9psbRDhs

AGA Disc version won't work on a CD32 due to the drive speed, but the AGA HDD version could be installed to a hard drive equipped CD32.

HDD versions are recommended to be played from no-startup-sequence mode.
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