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Yeah Plasmatron,...

I guess I had DpaintIV in a disk-pack of utilities of Plasmatron,,.. could be that??

Im Judas.. I was grafician at ThePirate, Capsule, Endzeit, Abyss, and Iris.

ThePirate was a lame (extremly-lame) group of Valencia.
Before Capsule I guess I was in Darkness but maybe no, I dont remember.
Endzeit if you remember was the next group borned after Artwork ´s death. (They born after Sanity´s death) unfortunately they only released one demo (Freedom from Endzeit)

Later I went to Abyss but I quitted soon, just because I didnt wanted to be in the group with my brother (Kustom/ex-Capsule-Abyss) Infact all Abyss´s releases I participed was with me in another group. (intro FamilyBussines and demo Widlife) I did an Abyss 16colours logo Im fucking proud but never was released in a production, was conceived for an intro..

Then I went to Iris. I participed with three(or maybe just two) full-screen pictures in a demo with code and music by Tricktrax.

well, my pass for all groups has been ephymeral (its right that word) but I enjoyed... scene rulez!
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