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First of all, a big thanks to Galahad.

Oracle Crack: You experience the so called PBDribble. PB stands for Penalty Box. Best way to test this is to start the game in practice mode. Carry the ball to the opponent's Penalty Box but make sure you don't get close enough to the keeper. Then start moving in parallel to the corner line. You will notice that the ball doesn't behave according to the Kick Off 2 logic, that is to stay in front of you and never stuck to the player's feet. It actually sticks on your player's feet and eventually stay's behind your player!!!

Original: The behaviour of the ball in the PB is the same as outside the box. This makes the game more difficult and competitive because you have to tap the ball and dribble in the box rather than use a bug to dribble and score.

An interesting thing I noticed in the last KO2 World Cup in Groningen is that there was a crack by Paranoimia too!!!! I am not sure if they got the oracle crack and put an intro or they did a crack on their own, but it also had the PBDribble bug...

Finally, I would really like people to try out the Galahad crack. I tried it in winUAE and got gurued in 3/4 games but I really don't care about winUAE behaviour. I will try it today in my real miggy.

Thanks again to Galahad!
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