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Sensible Soccer 98 is horrid, I cried when I played it on PC. I couldn't believe they had made that pile of shit based on the best soccer game ever.

I remember reading years ago about an unoficial remake that seems interesting.

But for an oficial one... I doubt we will ever see one. I mean, where's Sensible Software now? I know they went under the Codemasters name, but Jon Hare isn't there anymore, and I haven't seen anything from them since the atrocious Sensi 98. I read about a Cannon Fodder sequel in 3D, but this was also eons ago and I have seen no more news about it.

Shame, big shame...

Oh, nice story about the Sega CD version of it. I always thought it would be great if soccer games had more realistic crowd chants. It would also be great if we could see crowds fighting and causing chaos and tumult, and maybe even invading the field and punching players or something
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