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Originally posted by fisken uno
Anybody know if the Sega CD version is the same as the MegaDrive version? I guess there might be CD tracks, but are there any other differences?
It's largely the same apart from some music that Tim Wright did, some intro animations and my bloody good crowd noise on the CD. It might well be the first example of recording a real crowd specifically for a game, I'm not sure. I went to a Tranmere Rovers vs Wolves match one Boxing Day (you'll find a credit to Tranmere Rovers in the game for allowing me onto the pitch). Freezing cold it was. It was actually a lock-out as well (with about 2000 people turned away) and there I was with my photographer's pass trundling out of the players entrance and onto the sidelines. Psygnosis was so stingy that they wouldn't even buy me a microphone and I had to record it through a pair of headphones plugged into the mic socket on my portable DAT. The teams came out, warmed up, kicked off and then there was a goal within about 15 seconds. I hadn't setup my tape yet (I didn't actually notice that they'd kicked off), and missed the crowd roar of the only goal in the match. I did however get the really cool "One Nil!" chant which worked really well in the game. For careful listeners...some of the crowd chants have got swearing in and I had to edit the most obvious ones by reversing the sample at the dubios points, some of them are really obvious though. I tried to leave as much intact as possible, so I'd play the samples to the producer to see if he could notice the swearing, and I think he must have been half deaf!
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