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UnSensible Purchase

do you remember the old sensible soccer on the amiga and sega megadrive, they were truly outstanding games. with a view from above and those wee heads with feet bouncing the ball around. sure the graphics were nothing to write home about and the sound average, but the playability of those versions was brilliant. i used to sit for days on end with my mates playing it on the megasdrive and i probably still would. well if you think the playstation version would be better you are about to have your illusions shattered.

sensible soccer for the sony playstation is without a doubt the worst game i have ever played in my life. it was such a major letdown for me after the magic that was the original. it's so bad it's depressing!

the graphics are attrocious, absoulutely abysmal.
the sound gets on your nerves because the commentator seems to have a maximum of three phrases so it gets so repetitavely mindnumbing.
worst of all, the playability, the graphics and sound were never good on sensible soccer games so if the playability was still as good i wouldn't have cared. honestly though this game has no playablity, whenever i got it my friends came around looking forward to a brilliant new version but i don't think we even played two games.

the controls for the game were equally as bad, it was like trying to manouvere eleven tanks around the pitch passing a cube.

why o why? if they just released exactly the same version that performed so well on the sega and the amiga it still would have been worth the money. instead they absolutely murdered it, that's quite sad.

after playing this i would be very very cautious before buying another one of their products, i'm getting a bad taste in my mouth just talking about it. disgusting!

the game was so incredibly bad i took it back the next day and exchanged it for iss which was the best decision i ever made in my life. so if you're reading this looking to buy a decent football game for the Playstation buy ISS, it's the one and only!
Sounds good then
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