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I am Medium, sorry

I like the 'insert CD and boot' nature of Amithlon. Kind of takes over the system. (that's what I understood, anyway). And "With AMIthlon you can even use your old Amiga hard-disk in your PC"... if thsi is true, it would be great, but at what speed? Linux' Amiga FFS filesystem works pretty fine from what I heard, if they get thsi speed, I'm all in for it.

We still cannot use Amiga disks though

ok, finishing the read of the media hype, it seems this is a lite version of QNX, that autoboots from CD and autostarts Amithlon. Sounds pretty neat.

Will I REALLY need a 500Mhz processor? Kind of blows, I have a 133 Pentium! If it works a bit faster than WinUAE with Picasso on, Im all in for it.

(BTW, 10 times faster than an 060 on a 1.2 Athlon is NOT that fast

Interesting product anyways. Though the cost is too high :P with 300 DM I might be able to buy an 060 Amiga
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