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Originally Posted by BullyDog View Post
Damien, I have 4200+ Amiga roms so if I can send you a list of names I'll be glad to. Just have to learn how.
Originally Posted by enigma776 View Post
The hell? There wasn't 4200 games for the amiga and thats including PD stuff.
Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
The list includes multi-disk games, so there's a lot less than 4200 in there.
Originally Posted by malko View Post
Quick check with a spreadsheet returned : 2538 unique games in this list
When I first started this personal project back in 2005; my goal was to add in all the games that I ever had / or wanted on my "A500 - KS 1.3 / 512KB Chip & 512KB Slow RAM" from the late 80's / early 90's.

Had a few questions about numerous things and that's how I found EAB; so joined. Moving forward, I read loads of threads / posts and also found out about HOL / LemonAmiga. I think by mid 2007 my collection contained about 500 games and I was happy.

I then discovered other OCS / ECS games plus AGA / CD32 / CDTV / AmigaCD titles, and so went through HOL letter by letter, page after page, making a list of stuff that looked good and I thought would be cool to play. This is when the project really kicked off and I started going crazy researching / configuring / adding in new games.

I'm quite aware that there are way more games available for the Amiga than what's currently in my collection. HOL lists 6,900 and Daff's site lists over 11, 000...

For me it's always been about adding in games that are quality, decent, fun and which really showcase the Amiga. It's never been about adding in every single Amiga game ever made, this is crazy and there's a lot of rubbish out there or stuff that I'm simply not interested in. Doing this just degrades the quality of the collection...

Anyway, so here we are today... and as I've mentioned a few times now, I'm really struggling to create new update packs these days

If you have any suggestions regarding quality, decent, fun games that I've somehow missed; please post in the following thread and I'll look into them: Request for any gems
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