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Whats it worth?

Just bought myself a Amiga setup, time to throw the emulators in the bin! After sepending any amount of cash I always seem to have to justify the purchase to myself to avoid the guilt! To put my mind at rest, could someone who knows their stuff put a price on this lot for me:

Boxed Desktop Dynamite A1200 modded to include a high speed serial port and PC IDE CDROM interface
2.1 Gig HD
Boxed Blizzard 1230 mk IV card with 32 megs RAM
PCMCIA Network card (Miami set up and working)
Microvitec GPM 1701 17" monitor
Modded PC PSU
PC CDROM drive
External Floppy drive
Some sort of midi device
Couple of mice
About 30 boxed games
50 ish Amiga Format cover CD`s
Arround 100 Amiga Format cover floppy`s
Box of other floppy`s
Box of books and magazines
Boxed copy of iBrowse
Boxed copy of Blitz basic

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