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Thumbs down Corporate scumbags

Personally I think this is a big waste of time. Anyone that wants to play the old games will have already downloaded an emulator and leeched as many games as they can for free. Subscription services suck - why should you continue to pay each month for these games? The originals were a one off fee, so why the hell should you continue to pay each month? No doubt after the initial "flood" of games they will release next to nothing.

I bet Sega are not writing their own emulator either - they will quite happily take the emulator written by enthusiasts and then try and flog their old games for any cash they can get.

It's so bloody typical that no companies had the foresight to offer these games to download legally while emulators were taking off - instead they wait until somebody else has done the work then move in and try and make money without doing anything.

I bet if somebody tried to get detailed specs off Sega to write an emulator they would have been ignored - until Sega takes the emulator off them for free to make money.

What's next? Arcade game manufacturers selling their game roms for a subscription service which will run on MAME? I think it's a disgrace and I hope they don't make any money. I bet there isn't a single manufacturer out there that offered any kind of help in the preservation of these old games - they encrypt their stuff, make it not able to be backed up and try and shutdown any sites which spread information about preservation.

I truly believe emulators and game preservation should be left to the scene - people that do it for the love of it who are not constrained by any corporate bullshit. Thousands of Amiga games would be lost without the pirates that cracked and backed up the games and now that Sega see emulators as becoming popular are happy to jump ship and try and squeeze every last dollar out of their dead formats.
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