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Floppy disk Update..

I've updated the DOWNLOAD link again.

- The pointer arrow is movable with joystick.
- 3D versions are a bit faster..

Becouse of (1mb) chipram and ADF limitations the 3d vector version(s) of the game has been moved to separate ADFs. Each of them has it's own source code within.

So there is a:
- sw_game_20190113_2D.adf is the "original" Star (Dust)Wars game.
- sw_game_20190113_3D_Color.adf is a 3D vector version based on the same game.
- sw_game_20190113_3D_BW.adf the same as the previous, but slightly faster becouse it has no colors.
- sw_game_20190113_3D_Anaglyph.adf is a stereoscopic versoin. It is playable through Anaglyph (red/blue or red/green) glasses.

Unforunately for playing the 3d versions you still need at least an AGA machine.
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