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Some classic C64 games

There are many classics for the C64. These are my favorites which I play once in a while:
Arkanoid by Imagine, 1986;
Cataball aka Hoppin' Mad by Hit-Pak, 1987;
Commando by Elite, 1986;
Evolution by Sydney Development Group, 1982;
Fast Eddie by Sirius, 1982;
Guzzler by Interceptor, 1984;
Last Ninja II by System 3, 1988;
Nebulus aka Tower Toppler by Rainbow Arts, 1988;
Nibbly '92 by Double Density, 1992;
Qix, 1984;
Tapper by Americana, 1984;
Wizball by Sensible Software for Ocean, 1987;
Zenji by Activision, 1984.
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