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Just noticed this thread today........ now I feel kinda dirty.

I had bought the DVD-like Amiga Classix 1 & 2 compilations, as well as Gremlin Classix, from HMV a couple of years ago. Of course, I didn't know that there were seemingly two completely different AC compiles. Does anyone know where I can buy the *proper* Amiga Classix compilations?

And I had bought the Amiga Emulator CD around '96 or so, and even bought it AGAIN much later thinking it was a different, revised version. Hey, I was like 12/13 at the time! And Amiga emulation wasn't as easy to gain info about or very widely known back then as it is now. Oh well, the one advantage of getting the CD was that I managed to obtain the complete Assassins disk collection in one swoop, rather than spending an eternity grabbing every one of them individually.

Curse Emulators Unlimited for having a professional-looking site and all - it's not like Kazaa Gold where you can laugh your arse off at their site for simply not bothering (although I more likely ended up a tad freaked out by its awfulness).
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