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Re: Re: Differences in 3.0 and 3.1 Kickstart rom

Originally posted by DrBong

Also, contrary to what some people might say, there's no guarantee that Workbench 3.1 will run stable under Kickstart 3.0, especially on an A1200. At the very least, some library functions won't be properly utilised. Moreover, your machine may not even boot, or alternatively you will get random gurus.......things I've experienced on both the A500/600 and A1200 in such circumstances.
I mentioned this in my last ClassicWB thread when someone asked why I was using wb3.0 instead of 3.1. Glad you've noticed it too.

3.1 gurued at random intervals on my A1200, so I decided to use 3.0 and no problems.

Like I pointed out earlier though, most of the very few noticeable differences when going from 3.0->3.1 are available and indeed improved upon with a few aminet/scalos addons.
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