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Originally posted by T_hairy_bootson
That Kick Off 2 tournament looks like a lot of fun.

I picked up a Tomahawk from that Greek company while on Holiday in Greece back in 91. It still works and feels almost the same as it did the day I got it.

The only plastic parts on mine are the microswitches and the button, the rest is steel with a wooden knob.

It is the ultimate joystick for sensible soccer, kick off and just about any game.
Yes, you are a lucky man! These joysticks were made by Aneroussis Co. I have a Tomahawk just like yours, a Pacman (VERY similar to yours) and 3 Pac-Man 2 (slightly different to yours). These are the joysticks I am using. They are by far the best sticks for arcade games and Kick Off 2, Sensible. Excellent stuff. Glad you have one!
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