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Originally posted by Codetapper
The main reason to upgrade to WB3.1 is so you can use large hard drives (larger than 4 gig). Without scsi.device v44 you can't use large hard drives and you can't load that device without the 3.1 ROM!

So if you don't have a HD larger than 4 gig then there is probably no need to upgrade!
Yes I agree - people who need more than 4GB are probably using their Amiga for a much more serious role, even as a PC replacement. As I mentioned earlier, these are the ones that need OS3.9/3.1 ROMS HOWEVER..............

Can't you use ide-fix and SFS in order to achieve this with Workbench/ROM 3.0?

I find it difficult getting anywhere near using up a 1.28GB drive so I can't imagine many people wanting more than 4GB, even if they fit a larger drive and can only partition up to this amount.

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