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Originally posted by andreas
Well, I used the l4me h4x0r's method (simply trying through all of them, realizing that I got 64 (0x40) possibilities to get the corresponding code Do NOT dare ask me if I had still done this if there was 7 digits with 0x100 combinations )
Well if there are games which have not been cracked and are not custom formats you should upload them here to see if Galahad, Amigaboy or myself are available to crack them.

Now that I know how you worked out the codes I can see how you might have been a little annoyed to find the full crack!

For next time, here are some hints:

Always depack the main file with XFDDecrunch.
Search for any ASCII text on the protection screen!
If you find some text, search around it for a table. Often values are stored very near to the text.
If in doubt, contact your local cracker!
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