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Originally posted by Codetapper
Andreas: Did you realise you can view the codes in plain text in the game file?
Depack the file, search for that string that the game asks you and you will see 15 six character strings just below it like so: ##@#@@. Those are the codes the game is comparing your answer to.

Well, I used the l4me h4x0r's method (simply trying through all of them, realizing that I got 64 (0x40) possibilities to get the corresponding code Do NOT dare ask me if I had still done this if there was 7 digits with 0x100 combinations )

As for never knowing what I'm doing, join the club!
If I feel like doing an ADF crack for HOL I will often do it just for a change!
Yeah, and I bet if I ask you next time, you're incredibly busy with one nasty track-loaded image, trying to bake another WHD installer out of it

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