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Originally posted by andreas
All work in vain!

Codetapper, mate, since people NEVER know whether you're currently being too busy with another install, it was safe to provide the codes! (A bird in the hand is worth two more in the bush! )
If I had known that you would provide the ADF version in a blink of an eye, I would definitely not have done the work for the codes!
Andreas: Did you realise you can view the codes in plain text in the game file? Depack the file, search for that string that the game asks you and you will see 15 six character strings just below it like so: ##@#@@. Those are the codes the game is comparing your answer to. You could change them all to the same character so 6 left clicks would work for any code.

Of course the crack is much sneakier, it fools the game into comparing the correct answer with the correct answer rather than the correct answer with what you typed in

As for never knowing what I'm doing, join the club! If I feel like doing an ADF crack for HOL I will often do it just for a change!
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