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Originally posted by Bloodwych
Yadster, I thought you'd started building your own kick-ass setup using fblit? Anyway, thanks for the backup as always.
I did - sort of My setup is ClassicWB with Scalos removed (compatability probs with FBlit). I've since added a few bits and pieces, edited the startup sequence and it all works luvverly and just how I want it - the ability to play some great games but also very productive for my college work. On a spare Amiga 1200 I installed your new ClasicWBADVSP and that looks well nice. I've just bought a tower case off Ebay and a Mediator off Amibench and am going to buy a Voodoo3DFX card to put in it as well. Hopefully with the extra graphics ram I'll be able to use the ADVSP version you have made without having to worry about running out of chipram. To think about 6 months ago I picked an A1200 for £2 just to play a few games.
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