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The Kiwi's Tale - Full length platformer for CD32

Anyway, here's my Christmas project. It's partly an apology for not having completed AlarCity (yet), but it's also something I've wanted to bring to the Amiga for some time - as well as being an opportunity to train myself in new skills for Amiga gamedev.

The Kiwi's Tale is a commercial length platformer for CD32, a fan-sequel to The New Zealand story and itself an almost 1-1 conversion of a freeware PC title from the late 2000s.

- AGA (Edit: see below)
- Chaotic 50hz action and smooth 8 way scrolling across massive levels
- 15 stages
- 2 weapons
- 3 flyable vehicles
- 8 enemies
- 2 bosses
- Two player option - second controller moves vehicles
- CD Audio
- Support for 1 button, 2 button and CD32 controllers
- Hidden B-Side game on disc
- 100% free, now and forever

It is not a "polished" game and I'm not pretending it is - the original game itself was a chaotic three-month rush by non-artists who certainly didn't have well designed palettes in mind, but IMO it's a game that offers hours of silly fun. Converting it was something of a marathon, the entire conversion project started on the 8th of this month and finished yesterday. I consider the game to be complete and done - the engine could perhaps be reused for a more polished title in future, but from here on out I'm only doing patch releases for the project.

- Shoot: Button 1
- Jump: Button 2 (Up on one button stick)
- Jump off vehicle: Button 2 (HOLD fire and then TAP up if you only have one button joystick)
- Pause: P or Play on CD32 pad
- Quit: Escape or Forward+Reverse on CD32 pad

- Hold down Space or Green button during the map for a couple of seconds to unlock all levels.

This game is designed to run on a stock AGA environment, but if you've got Fast RAM it'll help the game stay smooth during some of the more intense scenes in the game.


Make sure you burn the 'cue' file to get the CD Audio on the disc.!xmoCnASI!MZPOIIlDW...LE4YlgIBuySLZ0

I've included a download bundle for A1200, though because this version lacks all music, the CD32 one is recommended if you have such a machine or can emulate one (I presume the CD32 version will work fine on an A1200 with CD drive). If I get tracker music to replace the CDDA audio tracks, I'll implement a music equipped version of the game sometime in future.

DOWNLOAD FOR A1200!I6hUAIaD!9qMhU2gEd...57sNp2IbN8F4gE


Kiwi's Tale for OCS Amiga is not thoroughly tested and comes with caveats:
- 2MB of Chipram is an absolute requirement.
- (NEW) 68000 is now the minimum CPU requirement. 68020 is still the minimum recommended - without at least an 020, there'll be some slowdown in the enemies and projectiles.
- The screen border on some levels isn't pitch black. This isn't an issue on ECS machines.
- Projectiles aren't quite as smooth as on the AGA version, even on an accelerated machine, due to the AGA version's use of wide sprites. To be honest I don't think this is a huge drawback.
- Not as tested as the AGA version.

The OCS download is also compatible with AGA machines and will use AGA enhancements (smoother projectiles) automatically.

Well, I'm exhausted, so I'm going to have a very lazy Christmas day! Do let me know if you've had any issues with the game and I'll take a look after I've had a break for a few days.

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