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How can I force DMS to write a dms in spite of fatal errors?


difficult one here. Here's a DMS image that's definitely broken in the middle, but apparently the root block only, so I may be able to restore that one.
But there's DMS! (Original ParCon, v2.20r)

Nothing to do with emulation or not: if there's a fatal error (CRC mismatch), DMS terminates in the middle of the writing process!

But I'd like to make it write the WHOLE disk to be able to fix some things! (note the blocks beyond aren't broken!)

The technique DMS uses for copying a certain track range is sub-optimal, too. It does that by skipping tracks outside that range, which will - tadaa! - again cause DMS to terminate when a SKIPPED (!) track has an error!

e. g.: you want to copy tracks 40-79, but you certainly know that track 29 is corrupt because of a CRC mismatch. DMS will now skip to track 40, and TERMINATE while still skipping, because of track 29! Haha!

Is there any way to stop DMS from doing that crap?
(newer version, maybe?)
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