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Originally posted by Syko
With WinXP Pro, Athlon1800, 512MB RAM, clocked GF3; I'm getting an 600MHz 68040 acording to the benchmarks (If I remember right...) and I'm pretty sure that's a little quicker than the 68040/40 in my A4000.....

and the p96 speed shows increased performance almost everywere as well...

without the performance overhead of XP, I reckon it should be even faster... Unfortunately LinUAE isn't as advanced as WinUAE coz Toni's the best!

Still, can't have everything!
Take a look @ this project, seems really interesting.

I have tried it for few minutes and jit has not crashed . Note that takes a lot of time to compile with jit, if you are not experienced is better if you download the pre-compiled binary.
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