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Originally posted by jmmijo
Actually I have a point to make why I can't switch from OS9.xx to X, it's because Apple screwed me and others who have a MAC Clone

My best MAC is the clone I have, the Power Center 150 that I've upgraded with a G3-400MHz and 394MB of ram. It's not a bad machine at all, however Apple will not allow me to run OS X on it or install it what so ever
There is a way you might get OSx running on it, the same way I got it running on my AmigaOne...

Install a minimum linux setup and run MOL (Mac-On-Linux), bit silly to have to run a mac emulator on a mac to run a mac OS but it should work, and give your hours of frustrating puzzles to work out, then think of the sense of achievment if you manage to do it

Anyway Back on Topic...

Anyone coming to the show?
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