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Originally posted by jmmijo
Actually I have a point to make why I can't switch from OS9.xx to X, it's because Apple screwed me and others who have a MAC Clone

My best MAC is the clone I have, the Power Center 150 that I've upgraded with a G3-400MHz and 394MB of ram. It's not a bad machine at all, however Apple will not allow me to run OS X on it or install it what so ever

The G3 upgrade I bought for it from Sonnet supposedly has some kind of patch thing that will allow me to install OS X but really I'm waiting to get a nice used G4 now instead and then go that route I'm sure I'll eventually find what I'm looking for so in the meantime OS9.xx is just fine for the little I do with it.
Some of the hardware I have for the mac doesnt even work on system 8.6 let alone 9.x or OSX. The reason I have a PM 7500 is just for my videovision setup and os 7.5.x- 8.5 works great for that.

Any agp equipped machine (that would be a g4) will run osx ok if thats what you want. If your into projects buy a used/refurbed AGP equipped mac motherboard and add the rest of the system yourself (there are way to fit it into an ATX pc case with a few mods and the rest of the components are off the shelf mac compatible parts).
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