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Originally posted by Akira
Most applications run JUST FINE under OS X's Classic environment, so there is no excuse to not switch. The applications that do not work are few(Protools doesn't, for example, and that's a very important one, I wonder if apple fixed it or if there's a new version of Protools on the prowl).

Fuck, I ran Photoshop 1.2 the othe rday and it worked perfectly.
Maybe your missing my point. If you have an upgraded 8500 system with g3 processor and alot of ram OS 9.1 will run the apps you already have perfectly and very fast. While the apps MAY run on OSX the machine itself doesnt do it very well. So why ruin a perfectly good system by trying to run an OS that doesnt want to run on it (and most likely doesnt support your present SCSI card , video, IDE card, floppy drive, etc) with the apps you already have? And if you dont have a g3 and alot of ram OS 9.1 will still run ok, while OSX wont run at all.

If you already have a system that can run OSX optimally then I dont see going back to OS 9.x, but why upgrade if what you have works and upgrading the OS will break it.
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