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Originally posted by Akira
Because it got dated heavily with time. OS9 is, in essence, not much different than the first Mac OSes the Apple 128K had.

Also, he had to do something with all his NeXTStep shite Even since I heard about Rhapsody (OS X's prototype predecessor) I was very excited.

OS 9 is really useless today. Yes, it runs with quite a lot of speed in my iBook, but I have no apps to use it.
OS 9 is nowhere near useless, there are alot of good apps probably just 1 version old of what your using now. Many first generation OSX had problems compared to their OS9 versions. Apple went out of their way to make sure the new machines cant boot in OS 9.x just to sell people on OSX. OSX does have greater stability and better multitasking but that doesnt make OS 9 useless (millions still use it for everyday work I bet).
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